The Bonsai Family


I remember delivering all 8 of these pups myself, some of the breeders out there know some puppies are born lifeless and you must do whatever you can to wake them up and give them a fighting chance. You suck fluids out of their airways, stimulate them and sometimes you even have to give them a shot of adrenalin and shake them violently just to try to get a cry out of them. From the moment when they come out still and lifeless until the moment I hear their first cries I feel helpless. And then I hear the cries of life. From that moment on I’ve been Big Bonsai, feeding, caring and nurturing each and every one of them. Now I’m proud to say that all the puppies have found their forever loving homes. All of the owners of these puppies aren’t old retired folks, they are young professionals who love frenchies. I’m blessed to have enough people who will take the time and get me letters of recommendation, travel and take the needed steps to welcome their new addition correctly. I want to let all of the new owners know that they have my lifetime support and that they didn’t just buy a dog, they joined a family and that this family will stay in touch and see each other when the bonsai grow older. I keep my yard open to any bonsai who need a few days away from home for some play. I hope everyone who adopted this time got exactly what they wanted. I tried my best at matching each puppy up with the people who really wanted them. It’s a bittersweet feeling to say the least.