The Frenchie Quarter

This time the layover flight wasn’t so bad. We’ve got about 60 people for 160 seats. Penelope and I get a whole row to ourselves which makes it easier to sneak her out of her carrier. It’s funny how the rules of flying with a pet can change once one gets the “puppy eyes”. I gave her a small feeding to make sure she had something in her stomach and let her run around all day just so she can sleep well on this evening flight. She was able to use the restroom in Vegas and now we’re about 1160 miles from New Orleans where our first flight delivery was made to our good friend Curren$y. We’ve got a loving family there waiting to pick us up and to smother Penelope with hugs and kisses. She’s found a loving new home, a ton of new toys and loving new parents who are anxiously awaiting to meet her. To say that I love what I do would be an understatement.
I was just in Miami yesterday delivering “Meatball” to a loving couple out there. I met with a fan of ours who wanted to learn more about breeding since he was leaning towards that lifestyle. We spoke for a few hours about what we do at Bonsai and how we can help him with his goals. We shared what has worked for us and we exchanged valuable information from breeding to the lifestyle of each breed. I wanted to give a quick thanks to our Miami friends for all of their hospitality.
We knew that by staying true to our roots and by putting all of our love into our passion that we would be able to succeed in bettering the breed. What we didn’t expect was the amount of love and support that has poured in from all over the world. All of the days of picking up after our pups, all of the times we’ve had to take care and nurse a sick puppy back to health, all of the vet and animal hospital bills and the long days and sleepless nights of caring for litters has made it all worth it. I honestly wish I could do this forever.
I’ve caught myself smiling a lot lately. I try to imagine what Nacho Jr. and Gustavo are doing in Vancouver, what Winnie’s doing at her dad’s company or what type of trouble Burger’s getting into today. It’s hard to believe that one of our Bonsai will be hanging out at the Interscope Records building pretty soon but it’s the truth. They say hard work pays off but the message is deeper than what it seems. The real payoff is the love we get to spread with each and every new adoption. The real payoffs are the meaningful relationships we’ve built over a common love. It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” – unknown